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The Boys and Radio Etiquette

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Andre with a catfish

Me with a catfish which I caught with my bare hands!!!

Wow, I didn’t know I could spell etiquette properly, in fact I misspelt the word by adding an extra “t” after the “e” on the first attempt. ┬áLiam and Jayden got some 2 way radios as a gift and so it became apparent that they needed to learn some radio etiquette.

Just for fun here are some of the basic pro words:

SEND: “Receiving you loud and clear, Send!” – I’m hearing you, give me the rest of the message.
OVER: “Can you hear me?, Over!” – End of your current Message
OUT: “Ok speak tomorrow, Out!” – End of Transmission.
ROGER,COPY: Simple acknowledgement of receiving a message.
WILCO: I will comply, to be used instead of “Roger” and meaning that what ever instruction was given will be carried out.
AFFIRMATIVE:”Going to the movies tomorrow is Affirmative!”
NEGATIVE:”My HIV test was Negative!”
LOUD AND CLEAR: See the above sample in Send.
BROKEN AND UNREADABLE: Probably means you should check your batteries or distance or signal strength, or you are standing behind a large tree or all of the above.

And that is it in a nutshell, radio communication 101!