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Coding with Go

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The mascot of GO is a little freaky creature!!!

So I have just reinstalled my Windows 8.1 system and was beginning to do some testing of Python and I stumbled on the Go language.  It

has been a while since something has tweaked my curiosity so.

And here for my benefit and those of you who would also like the full experience is a short tutorial of how to get started.

First off, download the git installer for Windows, it is useful for getting access to the source code with Go and is a must have on a cleanly installed machine.  Make sure you install the run git from the command line option for the best results.


Secondly you should get hold of the GCC compiler, in order to do the more advanced stuff with Go you need a compiler. I struggled a bit with this one as I seemed to only get to download source code at first.


The builds installer sorted that for me, make sure you choose the correct options for your windows installation, if you are not sure choose the win32 option.  I also chose where I wanted to install my compiler so that I could add it to my PATH variable in windows.

The Go installer worked quite easily and I only had to add a variable for the GOPATH in my environment variables which in my case pointed to c:\Go\bin


The next bit was easy, create a go file helloworld.go and write your first bit of code for the hello world example:

package main
import “fmt”
func main() {
fmt.Println(“hello world!”)

And then going to commandline and running it with:

go run helloworld.go

That’s it for now, enjoy the coding!