The passion for software did not come for me very early in life although I was exposed to programming from the age of 6 or 7 when I attended computer literacy at my first school which introduced me to the concept of Logo and basic.

The first part of those computer classes was always planning the path of the turtle first before we got to work in front of the computers which were ZX-Spectrums connected to monochrome monitors.  I never felt like I understood what was going on and only liked it when we got to load games at the end of the session.

In 1993 our computer lab at St Andrew’s School was upgraded with brand new 386 machines with monochrome VGA monitors.  It was then that I picked up an interest again for PC Logo and managed to write a solar system package which I got a Silver prize (highest prize in my category) for at a Science Expo.  I was quickly wanting to do more advanced programming and saw that the elder children were programming in Turbo Pascal.

Soon I was programming in Turbo Pascal and by the time it came for computer studies to start I already had a grasp of the Pascal language.  After leaving school I programmed in Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder and then Delphi.

Soon  I was writing applications in Delphi which I could sell, one of my first applications was a repair jobcard system. Not long after this I was writing applications for local retailers to manage their customers and all sorts of contract work.

In 2003 I started experimenting with Apache web server and PHP.  I really believed that the future would be in a web browser and so started Spiceware Software which was to be one of the first Open Source orientated businesses in the country.  At this point half the applications I wrote were web based and the other half were desktop based.

Never having a formal education in writing software has made me work hard to learn how things work and I always challenge the conventional thinking in how I design solutions for my customers.

In 2015 I completed a specialization in project management and plan to finish a specialization in Android development early 2016.

Each day I learn new things and will do so until the day I die.





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