About Me

I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1979 on the 13th February in the city of Salisbury which was to become Harare.

At the age of 4 my family moved to the Kamberg region in Natal which is close to Rosetta and Mooi River.   I  started going to school in Nottingham Road and was there until the last term of Standard 4.

At this point my father relocated to the Free State to farm in the Bethlehem district.  Our family was 4 by then.  I did my end of Standard 4 and completed Standard 5 at Truida Kestell Primary School.  In 1992 I was accepted to St. Andrew’s School Bloefontein and I spent my high school years in Bloemfontein in the hostel.  After school I spent a year and a bit at home whilst doing jobs with computers.

In 1997 I got a job in Bloemfontein at a computer support place and so started my business career.  2 years later I was in my own business doing support and getting stuck into software development.

In 2003 I married Robynne and one year later we had our first child Liam.  By this time I had already had 2 businesses but really wanted to start a software business.  Spiceware Software was born in 2004 when Liam came.  2 years later Liam was joined by Jayden who was a big surprise!

Spiceware software ended in March 2014 and my new consulting career started as Code Infinity.

12 years later I am still hoping to change the way software is written by writing good tools and contributing to the open source community.Robynne and Andre on their wedding day




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