Articles by ramblings

Teams Clone
08/04/2021 21:26:31 by Andre van Zuydam

Teams clone lets you use multiple teams in one interface

New theory about the great pyramid!
25/01/2021 19:12:49 by Liam van Zuydam

The great pyramid could have been a source of light.

Plots in movies and series
17/01/2021 22:46:12 by Andre van Zuydam

Are plots in moves and series predicable because audiences find them comfortable and obscure plot lines don't make money?

Tina4 Release Soon!
11/01/2021 22:37:35 by Andre van Zuydam

Tina4 is closer now than ever to a release point, after 4 years of rewrite and testing we are reaching a point where we can launch out the version 2. Not only is the new version more streamlined than ever before, it comes with a redesign on all the manga girls!

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