The List!

Disclaimer: I do not have years of whisky and whiskey tasting behind me but in the short 4 years that I have been tasting whiskey I have managed to taste quite a lot.

Due to this passion and my "sharing" about the whiskey that I enjoy I have compiled what I am calling "The List".

If you are claiming to enjoy tasting whiskey and you want to be hospitable to a whiskey novice or connoisseur alike then you should have tasted or have at least some of these whiskeys in your cupboard.

If you find an error here or wish to add your thoughts, send me an email. Please note the list is also about value for money and shouldn't break the bank.

I do not understand why a person could not spend an extra $5 for a better whiskey. The whiskeys below should all range between $20 and $30.


Here is what you should have in your cupboard:

The Must Have List

Other interesting stuff